We Liveeee Baby!

Woah, I did it. I actually have a live, self-hosted, custom domain-ed lifestyle blog! If I could tell you how much has gone into this very moment (and how much is still to come) we might be here all day and night. I started this blog to express my creative side. I was withering away, post grad-life, reflecting on all that I had accomplished in school but feeling so empty. Unlike some of my fellow graduates, I passed on going straight into my “adult-ing” life to instead go into a full-time cohort MBA program. Even though I’m incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to go straight back to school, full-time, and earn my masters degree in one year, I felt that I was missing a hobby. Let me admit, I am a firm advocate and binge watcher of reality tv and Netflix, but there is so much more to life! I wanted a way to connect with the world and impact someone in more than one way. I wanted to feel like I was making a difference.

This leads me here. I am so excited to be in this place and starting my own blog! I have so many ideas circling my brain already and I’m basically itching like a psychopath to get started all at once (calm down Gabs geesh).

Stay tuned for more content from me and please comment below on something you’d like to see!

Until next time –



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