A Letter to My Future Husband

I know you’re thinking this seems weird, right? I mean, I can understand why you feel that way. If you grew up like me then you may have been told that you shouldn’t be “searching” for a husband. He’ll be searching for you if you’re lucky. Or that you shouldn’t rush into a marriage or even a relationship. Being able to be single and independent is an opportunity many women fail to do.

I don’t discredit these statements at all and I’ve told them to myself numerous times. I’d be lying if said I don’t want a husband, kids, and a family in the future. I feel like that’s my duty and purpose as a woman living in this world. Like God put me on this earth for a couple of reasons but one of those was to be a wife and mother. I attribute this to how bad I want it and how calming the thought is in my mind.

I may not be like you and you may have different thoughts on this. That’s totally fine! I don’t expect everyone to be like me and to have the feelings I have. I respect and admire others inputs and that’s why I love to hear all of yours through emails and comments.

When this idea to write this post came to my mind, I didn’t quite know how I’d set it up. I was thinking of it as a prayer. Have you ever heard someone tell you to pray for your future husband? I have. They say to pray that he’s okay and living well until you meet. I thought it was interesting when I heard it but now it’s something that I try to remember to do.

How cool is that? Your future partner in life is praying for your well-being while he/she is away from you. Like they care for you even before they meet you (Am I a hopeless romantic? It looks that way).

So instead of praying to the good Lord my thoughts on whoever my future husband will be, I thought I’d go ahead a write it… on my blog… for you and him to see. Can we get any more personal? Probably! Let’s start here for now.

A Letter to My Future Husband

A Letter to My Future Husband

You don’t know me and I don’t know you but I can already imagine you being everything I’ve prayed for and more. Okay, maybe not everything I’ve ever wanted but if God has a hand in it, you’re everything I need.

I pray for you and your well-being, most nights. I hope that you do the same for me and that you are a Godly man. I pray that you are so much better than me and will bring out the best qualities in me, as I will for you. I’m not perfect, and I know you aren’t either, but hopefully, we can be the people/parents that make a difference. We can create joy and happiness and live our lives through God’s intentions for us.

My past has brought about many changes and lessons for me. I’m pretty positive I won’t be the same person I am now when I meet you (unless we meet tomorrow then I’ll probably be the same person) but right now I’m happy and excited for where my future will take me… and us. Life is going in a direction that I’m comfortable with. I’m learning and growing in school and in life. I’m on the path to being independent. I’m doing well in graduate school and I’m actually excited for life after college. There are so many possibilities and when I think of the future I get butterflies! We can do anything, truly.

I pray that your family is loving and protecting of you. I also pray that you haven’t been hurt too many times. If you have, I hope that hurt has made you stronger and appreciative for your life. That your life is going in an exceptional direction and that you are HAPPY. Not content but really happy and excelling in everything you do. I just want the best and so much more for you. I know you will have gone through some challenges but I hope you’ve grown from them.

Life is what we make it and right here, right now I’m choosing to make the best of it. I’m choosing to write this really cheesy letter on my very public blog because why not? Who will it hurt? What can it change? I will still be me after this letter and you will still be you. If you’re going to be my husband, I suspect you won’t care or this will be something you love about me (you the real MVP). *Inserts High School Musical song* THIS IS REAL, THIS IS ME, IM EXACTLY WHERE I’M SUPPOSE TO BE!”

In all seriousness, time is going by so fast and I don’t know when we’ll meet or if we’ve already met (plot twist) but I hope that when the time comes, we know. And God makes sure we know. Because I’m waiting for you, love.

Cheers to us and our future.

With Love –

A Letter to My Future Husband



  1. Marietta
    September 24, 2017 / 8:06 pm


  2. September 24, 2017 / 9:13 pm

    I also write letters to my future husband and pray for him. I try to live life conscious of the idea of him (not really living for him per se) but I think: “I’m someone future wife, I better be mindful what I’m doing”. Helps not to give too much of yourself to people you have no business giving it to (if you know what I mean.

    • September 25, 2017 / 1:08 pm

      I completely agree with that! It’s easy to get caught up in people who give me a little attention but in the long run, I know it’s not going to work out.

  3. October 6, 2017 / 12:33 pm

    I believe in the Law of Attraction so I think this is a great idea to attract the mate you want

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