How to Know You’re Ready to be Baptized

This isn’t going to be a completely new convo we’re having here on Unbothered Style. If you’ve been here for a while (or just binge-read all my posts) then you know I’ve talked about when I was baptized on THIS post. My baptism story is fairly new and I love to share my experience with others if it can be helpful in any way.

BUT let’s do a quick recap for this post’s sake…


I was baptized April 9th, 2017 at my home church in Lewisville, Texas. Baptism had been something I was seriously thinking about for a year or so but something that I knew I needed to do for much longer than that. Before, I had always had the misconception that I needed to be baptized to go to heaven or to be a true Christian. Upon research and further expanding my knowledge in faith, I realized that this wasn’t necessarily true.

There was a lot of praying and self-examination that went into my decision to finally get baptized. In the end, it was MY choice and completely on my time when I took those steps and I’m so happy it was.


So in true “faith posts” fashion, let me just say that I am ONLY speaking from my experience and from the Bible and what it teaches. I realize that everyone may not practice the same spiritual practices as I do but that is ultimately up to you to decern if you want to keep reading this post or not… Okay, let’s get into it!

First and foremost, let me give you the Christian definition of a Baptism.


How to Know You're Ready to be Baptized


Baptism is a symbolic measure but is not necessarily necessary for “entrance” into the pearly gates of heaven. Yes, it’s encouraged in my church and denomination but if you are a Christian and never get baptized… it is said that this is not the deciding factor.

So how do you know? Well, I suspect each person is different and their “deciding factor” could differ from mine, yours, and his, over there. I’ll give you the steps that I took and hopefully, you can take something from it for your own journey.

1 Peter 3:21 – and this water symbolizes baptism that now saves you also—not the removal of dirt from the body but the pledge of a clear conscience toward God. It saves you by the resurrection of Jesus Christ,


As I mentioned earlier, I was always told I needed to be baptized but it seemed like my family and I never really got around to it. I remember when I was 10 or so I tried to get baptized but my pastor recognized I definitely wasn’t ready and I thank him for that now. I wasn’t ready at all and did not even grasp the importance of the act and what I was really doing.

As I started to get more into the church and learning about God, I realized that I wanted to take baptism seriously. With that decision came many months of self-evaluation. I wanted to first, make the decision on my own and my own time, and secondly, for the purest reasons possible. In my self-evaluation, I examined the place that I was at in my life. Almost done with my college career, essentially entering the adult world, and making my way into being completely independent.

All three of those life moments are scary in themselves and lend me to lean on The Lord more than ever. I knew my dependence on Him was growing more and more. I also realized that I didn’t want to have a take, take, take relationship with Him. God has been so good to me, yall. Blessing upon blessings have fallen onto my lap and as I started to realize why my need to reciprocate the love became overwhelmingly aware.

Galatians 3:27 – for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.

How to Know You're Ready to be Baptized



So in these moments, my courage grew and one day I decided to just take the plunge. I knew I was ready and I knew I could answer the essential questions most Christians should be familiar with before getting baptized:

  1. WHY do you want to be baptized?
  2. Do you understand why Jesus died on the cross?
  3. Do you know what baptism means and what the commitment entails?

I believe these questions to be the most important and very baseline for any Christian. Forming a relationship with The Lord and sticking with it is a commitment on its own but being baptized is such an outward expression that it should be like a coming out to the world. And taken as seriously as such.

Mark 16:16 – Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.


Baptism is something that has to be done on the will of an individual. It’s nothing anyone can tell you to do or even force you to do. It should be your choice and a choice you are 100% happy with. Baptism isn’t entirely for your sake either. Essentially you are showing God that you are making a commitment to him and understand what it takes to be a good Christian and live in his purpose.

Don’t take this decision lightly! Self-evaluate and really pray and talk with The Lord about your desires. Clarity and understanding will come your way.

Acts 22:16 – And now what are you waiting for? Get up, be baptized and wash your sins away, calling on his name.’


There are actually many conflicting accounts on if re-baptism is necessary or valid. A form of re-baptism would occur if:

  1. if you were baptized as an infant/child and could not acknowledge on your own (or didn’t understand at that time) that you were an accepting believer in Jesus Christ (infants usually undergo dedications instead of baptisms)
  2. you weren’t baptized on Christian terms.

Many believe that if you are baptized once then there is no other action you should take. Talk with your church or pastor/preacher about this if you are unsure.


How to Know You're Ready to be Baptized


I hope this post was helpful! I love talking about my journey in faith and it is nowhere near complete! Leave a comment and let me know if you got something from this post!

Be Blessed –




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    Congrats on your baptism! I’m sure someone will find this post super helpful! I felt so much joy reading this post

    • November 6, 2017 / 2:23 pm

      Thank you so much and I’m so glad you enjoyed it! <3

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